Our Services

Supported Employment

Supported Employment services consist of employing consumers in competitive employment opportunities within our community. These job opportunities will be tailored to the consumers' choice of employment identified in job readiness training. These jobs will be at or above minimum wage and consumers will have assistance with ongoing support staff if needed. These jobs range from domestic cleaning, the restaurant industry, industrial processing, assembly-style work and many other employment opportunities within the community.

The Arc Rapides provides multiple levels of Supported Employment:

  • Group Employment

We currently have consumers who work at AFCO Industries and Mid State Supply under The Arc Rapides in small groups. These individuals do assembly-style work. Our biggest division of SupportedEmployment is Domestic crew. Our domestic workers clean homes, businesses, churches, etc.

  • Follow Along

After a consumer obtains a job in the community, The Arc Rapides maintains contact with the employer. Follow Along services are delivered once  a month.