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Adult Day Habilitation

The Arc Rapides assists consumers in developing social and adaptive skills necessary to enable them to participate as independently as possible in the community. Day Habilitation services focus on socialization with meaningful age-appropriate activities which provide enrichment and promote wellness. The Arc Rapides currently has seven learning hubs: Community Outings, Movie Room, Continuing Education Room, Group Activity Room, Arts and Crafts Room, Health and Wellness Room, and our Gymnasium.

Check out our Learning Hubs!

Community Outings

Consumers enjoy community outings every day. They have the opportunity to choose which outings they want to participate in. Outings can range from local trips to surrounding cities. Click here to see some of the fun outings our consumers have been able to enjoy. 

Movie Room

This is an area where consumers are able to select a movie and relax and unwind. Movie breaks allow the job coaches and consumers to engage in conversation about the movie they watched. 


Continuing Education Room

The purpose of this room is to help consumers maintain the education they have already received while developing new skills and educational experiences, both in the classroom and in the community.

Group Activity Room

In this room, consumers get to participate in various fun activities. These activities could include dancing, board games, video games, community activities, scavenger hunts, etc. 


Arts and Crafts Room

In this room, consumers get the opportunity to showcase their creative side through various art projects. 

Health and Wellness Room

The Health and Wellness Room allows consumers to learn about their personal health through various lessons and activities. These hands-on lessons take place in the classroom and in the community. 


Our gym is the heart of The Arc Rapides. We have many events that take place in the gym, from seasonal celebrations to everyday activities that consumers enjoy. Some examples of those activities are March Madness Basketball Tournament, Mileage Club, Volleyball Tournaments, Dances, Karaoke Contests, etc.